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All the Right Tools, Exclusive Lead Programs and more.

Our Agents...Our Family !!

Ensurity Group Agents are NOT considered just another number, we are selective in our recruiting and contracting process and because of that we are able to build a strong Family like bond with you. We Strive to produce Super Stars, we are not interested in our Agents Failing, Your success guarantees our success. Take time and check us out and preview our Exclusive Lead programs, Agent Benefits, our tools, our products and more.... We Need Your Help to Succeed.... You are the KEY!!!

Ensurity Group Inc

You are part of the puzzleWe are looking for Individuals that are Drivers... If you have the get up and go, if you are a highly goal oriented individual, if you love helping others and being an intricate part of our puzzle, then you found the right home.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we take the necessary time to understand our client's financial objectives.  In that regard, we create a bond with each client that is truly unique.

  • We offer up to 160% commissions on a Final Expense Product That Beats any Competitor
  • We offer up to 180% commissions on Other Products that Include Term Riders
  • We offer Competitive Pricing and Benefits to your Customers

Our Licensed Agents know Insurance.  Whether it is Term Life, Whole Life, Final expense, Mortgage Protection, Universal Life, Annuities or Medicare Advantage plans, our Agents are trained ethical experts.  Each Ensurity Group agent receives extensive ongoing training on each one of the fields that they want to specialize in. 

Your Benefits:

Your Tools:

  • You can reach more Customers with FREE PREDICTIVE DIALER
  • We Offer Vista Print discount to get all your Marketing Material at a Lower Price Direct to you
  • EXCLUSIVE Direct Mailers for Final Expense for $299.00 per 1000
  • Historical 3 to 9 month old Term Life and Mortgage Protection Leads
  • Historical 10 to 18 month old Term Life and Mortgage Protection Leads
  • Internet Leads for only .20 cents a piece, e-mail included
  • Free Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy for any prospect to generate Leads
  • Free Ways to GET MORE LEAD FLOW >>>> CLICK HERE <<<<
  • Fresh Home Buyer Data for .20 cents a piece (DNC scrubbed) For use with Dialer


855-332-7148 or 972-432-4129


Your Product Line Up:

  1. Term Products 10,20,30 Yrs up to $250,000 Simplified Issue -- NO EXAMS
  2. Mortgage Protection Products 15, 20, 30 Yr Term with ROP from $25,000
  3. Group Level Term up to $200,000 Simplified Issue, Flex Premium, Annuity Rider
  4. Term Life with Annuity Rider up to $10,000 or $25 which ever is greater, it is a Unique Deposit Term with Built In Cash Accumulation
  5. Whole Life / Final Expense starting at minimum of $2500 and up to $50,000 -- Simplified Issue -- Immediate Death Benefits
  6. Payroll Deduction Whole Life 0 to 75 age, $3.00 week minimum, Cash Value for Emergency Use, Reduced Paid Up Option, or Extended Term Insurance Option
  7. Accidental Death Benefit starting at $50,000 and up to $250,000 with ROP -- Simplified Issue
  8. Universal Life Products with Flexible Premiums, coverage up to age 80, Term Riders, simplified Issue, No Exam, Liberal Height and Wheight Charts, up to 20 year no lapse Guarantee
  9. Annuities with Several Companies
  10. Medicare Advantage Plans with FREE LEADS