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We provide market-prospecting solutions by collecting and providing high quality leads and lead generating tools for our insurance agents. Our high-quality insurance leads help our agents achieve extremely high conversion rates. With many agents reporting lead conversion rates as high as 40%! Our unique lead generation provides exclusive insurance leads that connect our agents with real people in the market for insurance products.

Ready to get your hands on those leads from specific geographical areas? We provide free geographical filters with some of our lead sources. Whether you want to target a certain area or avoid a certain area, our fool-proof geo-targeted leads will help you connect with consumers in your target market. Every agent has the ability to add various filters, at no extra charge, to customize their lead targeting.


Historical Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Leads Register Here

  • These are responses from mailers that prospects have sent back requesting more information on Mortgage Life & Disability.

Mail-Drop for Final Expense and Medicare Supplement Register Here

  • We build a list per your geographic location and surrounding area. Then we send out a specifically worded card that has been proven to have very good return success in both markets.

Web Responses and Call-ins Register Here

  • Over time we have built a significant presence locally with walk-in business. We also have call-in requests for service from phone book, online and print advertising, not to mention referrals from our clients!

Geographical and Targeted Consumer Leads Register Here

  • Many of our agents prefer to make their own calls for their appointments or even closing sales via phone. We provide lists that are built with your geographic area in mind. We also fine-tune the data to get you the best response with criteria specific data to get you to more qualified prospects.

Ask about our Auto-dialer! Take your data and get to your qualified prospects 100x faster than hand dialing!!

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