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We have developed a Lead Program that is realistic and fair. Not only for the New Agent coming in but for the Seasoned Professional as well. We are not in the business of “selling you leads’ but at the same time it is not financially realistic for us to just “give them to you”. Ask yourself, how would YOU run YOUR agency? Any company that says they are going to give you FREE HOT LEADS or something similar, you might want to ask a few questions to see what’s in it for them. I’m sure there are some agencies out there that do it. Heck, we’ve even done it! After learning, listening and crunching the numbers we believe we have found a very functional “happy medium”.
Hopefully the structure we have set below will explain clearly and completely what we can offer you to become successful. Pay attention to some of the Lead Types we will GIVE you and the others that require you to Submit Business. Yes, you read right, all we ask for some of our leads is that you do what you studied and got licensed to do, sell Insurance! We supply some of the best Companies and train you on their Products so that should give you a good start. We also pay some of the highest starting Commissions in the Industry. That being said, it should be fairly easy for you to get yourself set with Leads.

A contact list can be ordered for you from outside vendors based on the age range, income level, and markets in which you desire to work. Contact names are scrubbed against the “do not call” list. We have developed a relationship with a few of the most Highly Rated and Complete Data Houses in the Market. One of the first things an agent needs to do is get in front of people that are in a specific Demographic to have a better chance of meeting with qualified prospects. We will start you out with these leads, free of charge*, based on your individual requirements and you can either hand dial them or use our Auto-Dialer system to make the first contact. Click the link below to send us your criteria. *Small fee for certain Criteria such as Spanish Speaking, Homeowners, Male or Female Only.
MORTGAGE PROTECTION REQUEST These are Leads that are responses from a mailer that was sent to the homeowner to solicit interest in a Mortgage Protection Plan that pays off their Mortgage if they die or provide funds to them if they become critically ill or disabled. These prospects provide names, dates of birth, home-work-cell phones and many times the best time to reach them long with notes on their needs.
We will start you out with some of these leads once you have submitted____________. From then on you will qualify for more leads based on your Achievement Requirement for PPL. The PPL is based on APV Per Lead your Location and a Percentage of Success based on the Lead Type. These Percentages are time tested and have proven a good Litmus Test on what you should expect to Sell with the given Amount of Leads.
PPL stands for Premium Per Lead and is explained HERE. Find out your Lead Counts in your Area! Request a Monthly Count HERE.
DIRECT MAIL PROGRAM Our ongoing services that we receive from Kramer Leads have proven very successful as a Direct Mail Source. We have used them for years and we extend this Service to you. We will help you choose the type of mailer you want to send. Choose from Final Expense, Mortgage Life, Whole Life, and more. You can choose style, wording, color, age and geography. Once you have reached ___________ in APV, we will help you get set up to send out your first 1000 mailers at no cost to you. Just because of your Qualified Submitted Policies.
ELITE B2B CANVASSING If you are part of our Combined Insurance Team you will have the opportunity to develop a strong Business Clientele. Our agents build strongly by canvassing businesses and make use of referrals and repeat business for achieving record breaking sales weekly! learn more.

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